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saltwater fish for sale willing to barter


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Corris Wrasse $40

Purple Firefish (goby) 1 @ 30

Green Chromis (Damsel - schooling ones) $6ea or all for $20

Or best offer


Corals that I am looking for:


Rose-tip Anemone (would trade all the fish for this)

Zooanthids: (any or multiple frags of the following zooanthids, these can be ID'd on zoaid.com):


007 golden eye

alpha and omega

asterina pink

bam bam orange

blood rain

blue and gold

blue abyss


candy apple pink

candy apple red

cats eyes


darth maul

eclipse yellow

electric strawberry


flaming meanie greenie

greatful dead

pink panther


ko's nightmare

purple death

safecracker bali

ruby glow

the shiznit

tub's blues

ultimate warrior

yellow brick roads

yellow submarine



again I'm looking for starts of the zooanthids, not large quantities (although I won't refuse them lol) I'd rather get a variety of what I don't have already than one large group of one I don't have. Either way though feel free to send an e-mail with what you have. At this point I'll take cash or trade for the equivalent value in corals named above only, sorry not interested in any other corals at this time.


Again I don't have these Zoas... I want to trade FOR them. Sorry for any confusion.

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