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Soft corals starter pack - mix and match - 6 frags shipped for $50


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Want to add color and motion to your tank for a low price? I'm trying to clear out a bunch of soft corals to make room in the frag tank. These are nothing high-end but they are big and colorful and cheap. These are great beginner soft corals, easy to keep alive and fast growing. These thrive in a wide variety of light, flow, and nutrient levels. 

You choose from my list of soft corals -- I'll ship you 6 frags for $50 or all 12 for $80. These are big, fat, well-healed soft coral frags mounted on tiles, frag plugs, or live rock rubble. The list:

A. Eagle eye zoanthids. Bright green and red under blue light.

B. Peanut butter cup zoanthids. Two tone browns in daylight, bright orange centers under blue light.

C. Gobstopper zoanthids. Bright pink center with a bright green mouth. Very bright under blue lights. 

D. Neon green sinularia. Super bright green in daylight or blue lights. Grows large with lots of branches. 

E. Bright green palythoas. White striped pattern in center, very bright green under blue lights.

F. Pale blue palythoas. Teal to light blue, very distinct from the green ones. 

G. Pulsing Xenia. Some love it for its constant motion and rapid growth. Some consider it a pest for the same reason. 

H. Tubipora. A cool mint green color. Fast growing but doesnt spread, just makes a giant bush.

I. Green star polyps. This is a branching morph. Very fast growing and very bright green.

J. Spotted green mushrooms. Stripes and spots in shades of green. 

K. Hairy purple and green mushrooms. Green base with purple bumps. 

L. Kenya tree. Big, brown, and fast growing.


Shipping: I ship these priority mail through USPS. They are robust corals that can tolerate this, and it keeps shipping costs low. I will ship each order in a styrofoam lined box with a heat pack, and will delay shipping if weather conditions are not suitable. The shipped costs listed here apply only in OR or WA. Outside of that, additional shipping charges will apply. If youd like to meet somewhere in person between Corvallis - Eugene, subtract $15 from the shipped price. If you'd like to come pick them up in Monroe OR, subtract $20 from listed price. 

Finally the pics! First some representative pictures of frags, then mother colony photos for some of the corals, to give you a better sense what they'll grow into. 










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