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Imperfect Live Rock, Beginner Corals - Part 1


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I'll be parting out my tank (33 gallon cube-ish) and livestock and would love to see all my critters go to good homes and forum members / TFT.

Disclaimer:  This tank is *not* 100% pest free. 

  • Bubble Algae - Last spring I did spot one or two bubble here or there.  I haven't seen any since adding emerald crab to display several months ago.
  • Aiptasia - Likewise one or two specimens.  I haven't seen any since adding a peppermint shrimp to display several months ago.
  • Hair Algae - Had a fair amount of hair algae pop up after my Nem died.  I wasn't able to get all of the anemone bits out of the display so when it decomposed I had a nutrient spike.    Currently have ~4 square inches of hair algae in a couple of small pockets.

Part 1:

75lbs Live rock from Reefcleaners.   Approximately 50 is in the display tank, with another 25 in the sump.  0.50/lb or $20 for all of it.

Misc Zoas, Monti's and Digis - if its on your rock you can have it for free.   Any hermits or snails stuck to rock or that you catch you can have for free.

Once the rock is gone and I can catch the livestock I will post them up here free to a good home (pair of Ocellaris, one Lawnmower blenny, one Peppermint shrimp).  

Once the critters are gone I'll part out or donate the dry goods.

Pics later tonight.



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