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Fish and inverts to rehome (sale or trade) a.k.a. please take these bulldozers away


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I have a few creatures I'd like to rehome. Theyre all healthy and happy but no longer well suited for my tanks so I'm hoping someone else in the area has a home for them. I'll take cash or trade for any of them. For trades, I'd be interested in coral frags or inverts (cleaner shrimp and anemone crabs are both on my wish list). 

I can meet anywhere in the Albany - Eugene area for sale or trade. 

#1. Spotted dragonet , female. $20.  About 1.5-2 inches. Shes been in one of my algal refugia for about 3 months now... bought her as a pair who turned out to be both female, so had to banish her from the display tank. 


#2. Pencil urchin, $10. Has lived in my tank almost 2 years, been banished to an algal refugium for the last 1.5 because he was a bulldozer in my display. If you've got a tank that could use the attention of an urchin, adopt an urchin today!


#4. Giant hermit crab, $5. Nominally this is Clibanarius vittatus, but who knows. He currently lives in a conch shell, to give you some idea of his size. Hasnt caused any problems in my tank except hes so friggin big, when he climbs the rocks he dislodges all the corals and macros in his path. Most interesting behavior is his tendency to climb the hell out of my tank and hang out under my couch for a few hours before being discovered and returned to the tank. I suggest a tank with a lid. 


#5. Giant zebra turbo snails ($5 each; 3 available). Algae cleaning machines but also bulldozers. I enjoy their work in my frag tank but am tired of having to pick up the frags they knock over. 



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