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Downsize back into the 32g Biocube


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Today was tank moving day..  A couple weeks ago we decided to close down the 75 gal tank and dust off the old 32g cube again. 

Tasks accomplished

 1. Hauled the cube in from the shop storage and cleaned the spiders out. 

2. gutted the Nanobox retro  kit out of my 14g cube, threw in a spare led puck and built myself a Duo retro kit. 

3. drilled the tank return for 3/4" lock line and mounted a Cobalt MJ1200 return pump, heaters and a few Koralia pumps I removed from the 75g.

4. filled 1/2 way with fresh salt mix and let it be for a few days.

5. caught the one little Royal Dottyback we had left in the 75 and gave him to the LFS. He ate my entire clean up crew and had to go. 

6. Move live rock and top the cube off with water from the 75. 



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