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Arboreal snake enclosure


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Not sure if anyone else has snakes, or wants one for that matter so figured I'd toss this on the forum. I have upgraded my Green tree pythons enclosure so now his old setup is up for grabs. This is ideal for a green tree or tree boa neonate (baby) it will work for most snakes up to about 2 years of age. I converted an exoterra to house my neonate.
What's included
Enclosure 12x12x18 converted to house gree trees
Reptile basics 40 watt radiant heat panel
Pvc perches scorched to look better than white
You will need a thermostat to control the heat panel and will need to "seal the top" around the heat panel to help with escaping and humidity control. I used tape. It was simple and easy to take apart and clean.
Pics dont show the pvc perches
Price is 100 bucks. Extremely fair, everything is less than a year old and the heat panel alone was 75 bucks. 75125091e5eafba4907fcc01b7e3b6a9.jpg4eafd82b8a507ec41593ae08253ed9d9.jpg
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