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CNC purple torch losing color, possible brown jelly?


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Bought this torch from cuttlefish approx 3 weeks ago. When I got it it was deep purple with white tips. Brought it home, Bayer dip and temp acclimated, and placed it in a medium flow spot on the bottom of the tank. Within a week the color loss was noticeable, now it's just alarming. 

Tried moving it up halfway in the tank thinking it might've needed more light. I have two frogspawn at the top with great color and seem happy, so I figured that might be a good idea but it hasn't helped. 

Running a single AI Prime over a Nuvo 20 (settings below). I don't feel as though I'm overpowering the tank.

Last night the torch expelled a fair amount of what I assume is zooxanthellae (from stress?).  Now I'm seeing brown around the edges of the coral (especially in the middle where it branches).

Moved the torch to get a pic of the back side and noticed a fairly large growth there, ID help anyone?


SG- 1.026

NO3- 10 (salifert)

PO4- less than .05 (seachem)

Don't currently test for alk, etc. water changes of 20% weekly  

Any advice please?






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Originally had it in the corner- only way for it to get less light would be to put it in shadow.  Is that what you recommend?

Temp has been a steady 79. Have the AC running around the clock. 

Tried spot feeding it mysis. Don't have reef roids, etc. Could grind up some pellets though. 

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I would  reccomend  Alk, Cal, and mag tests. It really helps when all of our parameters are in line. I run a AI prime over a 20 nuvo  and I don't run my whites over 25 -30. I think you need to crank your royal blue and your blue lights up, Of course I would make theses changes slowly to your blues and back down your whites some couldnt hurt.This is my schedule at 2pm.26146af54702627108e827da0df8cf50.jpg


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