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Complete Tank, exiting the hobby for a bit


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My wife had a stroke last month and between finances and time, I hate to but need to part with my tank for a bit.  It's been up and running for about 10m now.  Would like to try to sell as one unit for now, will part out if it doesn't move. Tank is healthy.   Looking to get $450 or-best-offer. 

I can add more pictures if needed.


Nuvo Fusion 10g 


Custom Caddy media basket (1 chamber chemi-pure, other polyfil)

Upgraded Pump

AI Prime led w/ wire mounting kit

Power control/temp monitor (Alexa compatible)

Cobalt Aquatics Electronic Neo-Therm Heater

~7lbs live rock



1 snowflake clown

1 cleaner shrimp

1 Pom-Pom crab w both anenomies

2 Astria snails

2 Nassarius snails



1 hammer - 2 heads

1 frogspawn, bi-color

1 Recordia

3 mushrooms

Frag of Incredible Hulk (growing fast)

Sakura sunrise frag - ~10 polyps

Captain America frag - ~10 polyps

God of war frag - ~5 polyps

God of war colony

1 medium/large toadstool

Group of Paly's (green w/ black stripes)

Anthelia (it's isolated to a rock that can be scrubbed if you don't want it.)

Galaxy - struggling




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