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Getting out sale


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I'm getting out of the hobby. If anyone's interested I have a 29 gal bio cube with led lights, a 10 gal sump, Vortech MP 10,Digital Auqatics reef keeper lite with PH & temp probe,(spare PH probe & caliabration solution) skimmer,bulk reef supply mini media reactor (spare media canister) programmable night lights, Pacific coast imports CL280 chiller,RODI with 55 gal salt water barrel & 30 gal fresh water top off barrel. Livestock consists of about 5 RBTA's 1 Black & White clown 1 Snowflake Clown 1Peppermint Shrimp, a Oregon Emerald mummy eye chalice & some misc zoas & shrooms. $1000.00 plus a ton of misc powerheads,pumps,glass hole saws,ATO,auto feeder to sell separately.   







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