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Complete clean out! Everything must go!

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Asking $800 for everything I have!

Complete sell off of all my remaining aquarium hobby equipment. Thought I would keep all this around in case i was able to kick this hobby back up but it doesn't seem likely. I've enjoyed my years with this group but it is time to completely put this hobby away for awhile. I am going to keep this as a bulk sale offer for a few weeks to try to move it all at once before I consider parting it all out. First up is the main event. Completely customized 29G Biocube with original stand, upgrade MJ1200 return pump, built in ReefKeeper Elite Titanium system (3-PC4 power strips(2 in use, 1 extra), temp and ph module, and lunar module), Tunze 5017 auto top off system, Eshopps PSK 100 HOB skimmer (originally ran system with inTank media basket but sold a while ago) and Ocean Revive T247 LED lighting system with attached dual moon lights. 20-30lbs of dried rock, custom sculpted for this tank. Misc items to be continued below due to upload limit...









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Other items included:

Rimless 20 gallon long glass tank with black back

29 gallon? tall glass tank used as sump with stand

Aqua C EV-120 skimmer

Danner supreme Model 5 pump

Precision Marine CR422(?) calium reactor, has some broken pieces but have replacements

Reeflo BlowHole 1100 Circ pump

Hydor nano skimmer

BRS stage 4 Rodi system, with new still in package media replacement kit and all the tubing

Nova Extreme Pro 36" 6-bulb T5 fixture with 14 total misc bulbs 

Ocean Revive T247 LED light, barely used, in original box with all the cables, remote and instructions

BRS Kalkwasser 1 gallon

BRS Activated Carbon, 3G left of 5 gallon

Many other smaller pumps, heaters, chemicals, testing equip, cleaning and fragging supplies. 










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