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Year end sale lots of tanks an equipment


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With Christmas just around the corner I figured I wold toss a few things out! 

Have a few tanks to part with as well as random equipment! 

-90 gallon custom acrylic tank and stand only $400
-180 gallon 72x24x24 reef tank $old
-65 gallon full setup with fish and coral $375
-20 nuvo full setup $200
-75 gallon reef tank with stand an custom reef rock wall $75
-55 gallon reef tank an steal stand $60
-55 gallon regular tank $25
-55 an 50 gallon tanks on custom stand that holds both $100
-300 gallon reef aquarium tank/stand/canopy $1300
-29 bio cube needs return pump $200
-Drilled 40 breeder tank an steal stand $75
-45 gallon full frag tank setup $200
-25 gallon all in one tank setup with stand $50
-210 gallon reef tank with stand an canopy $375
-100 gallon drilled frag tank $150
-65 gallon rimless cube tank reef style $275
-65 gallon cube drilled reef tank $175
-Lots of sumps, power heads and lights also available for sale!
-Reef rock $2 a pound 
-Hammer/frog spawn coral $5 per head, discounts for anything over 10 heads
-Really nice acan coral frags $40ea

~Serious buyers only please and it’s sad but have to say, DO NOT JUST DRIVE TO ALBANY WITHOUT FIRST CONTACTING ME THE DAY OF PICKUP!~

All located in Albany Oregon 

Pictures on request

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