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Wtb 28-29g nano tank and stand or similar


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Looking for a nano tank and stand. The old 29g bio cube or similar would be great. Or maybe the smaller Red Sea all in ones if the price is right. I am going to be downsizing from a 48x30 tank, so I would prefer no livestock included as I won't have the space for it. 

I have plenty to trade if someone was so inclined, or cash works too. 

Let me know what you have! 




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1 hour ago, PowderBlue said:

I will have this stand tomorrow not sure if it would fit what you want. If you want it I'll make it cheap for you!
The tank on it is a 30 fusion but I'm keeping that. e218727c0fb9ed71828343f87f656124.jpgb4f6117c05631e34a91ae39a8c2bbf28.jpg0cd969405c7058dfc9b6a396b995bf55.jpg

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Sweet, thanks! If I end up finding something that will fit on there I'll let you know. 

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In the next month or so I'm going to be setting up my New Tank and going to be selling my JBJ 30 RL Tank with Stand, Comes with InTank Media Basket, InTank Filter Floss Holder, upgraded Retrun pumps Mj Cobalt 1200's, and a Light Stand Made by Scott.

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