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Can't raise magnesium


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I recently switched to Fritz salt mix. and got crazy low chemistry numbers.  I learned that previous users of Red Sea salt mix had big problems with the change over.  So for the next batch, I carefully washed out all my mixing barrels with vinegar and fresh water.  The next 35 gallon batch still had low numbers:  Kh of 5.3, Ca pf 320 amd Mg pf 1000.  So I started dosing magnesium supplement in advance of Ca and kH adjustments.  Based on previous adjustment for my 30 gallon nano, I tossed in 30 ml and the Mg number barely budged.  So three subsequent additions of 40 ml only raised the Mg level to 1120.  All this is in the salt mix barrel, not the display tank.

I heard that raising Mg can be a bugger, but this is ridiculous.  Should I just keep added supplement to get the number closer to 1350, or am I doing something wrong?

Help me!

btw, if I can ever get this batch adjusted prior to water changes, I will address why the Fritz is out of line with its specs.  


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