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New to Apex, question about fusion.


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Picked up a used apex from a fellow reefer here on the forum. Tonight I pluged in my first pieces of equipment into it, BRS dosing pumps which I previously ran on timers. I believe i got the coding correct but not sure if i have the options set correctly. From the main dash board i am unable to move the slidder away from auto, can not press the gear icon to enter settings from dash board. All the slider options apper to be greyed out. Am i just missing something simple or is it due to mu settings that I cannot move the slidder bar? Possibly something to due with port 4 and 8 containing relays?  So far the dosing pumps are the only equipment plugged in. 




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The sliders are in the Way because you are on a "Touch Screen" you can shut this option off by clicking on your name in the top corner, select the little Wrench, then under "Display" change "Add Covers" to Never.

As for coding the Timers I am not a fan of the OSC crap, I have my Bachelors in CS with plenty of development experience and still have a bit of difficulty grasping that concept. So this is what I do in place that is far more simple and easier to update in my opinion:

Fallback OFF
If Time 00:30 to 00:32 Then ON
If Time 04:30 to 04:31 Then ON
If Time 08:30 to 08:32 Then ON
If Time 12:30 to 12:31 Then ON

You can add or remove the lines as needed, might be more redundant and not considered as clean but oh well it works just fine.

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