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I am moving out of state very soon and would like to scrape up a few extra bucks to offset the cost of moving the tank!

I LIVE IN SEATTLE, NOT PORTLAND (Sorry in advance :teardrop:)

I am willing to sell frag packs of the following Sps Corals at fair prices.  I won't cut them until I have confirmed payment, or can do it in person.  I also would rather not sell individual frags as I am quite busy with moving, thanks for understanding.

  • Pink Lemonade
  • Sunset Millipora
  • "Stylasters" Black Tonga Millipora
  • 500 Efflo
  • Green Slimer
  • Purple Slimer
  • Blue Voodoo
  • Red Planet
  • ORA Blue Bottlebrush
  • ORA Dark Blue Millipora
  • ORA Deepwater No Name Purple w/ Green Tips
  • Blue Tipped Tenius
  • Forest Fire Digi
  • Blue German Digi
  • BC No Name Yellow Acro
  • Yellow Spongodes * Looks like a yellow Digitata
  • Tyree Flower Petal Montipora
  • Montipora Undata
  • Red Montipora

*All frags will be 3/4-1 ich depending on the colony, unless you prefer larger.  I can mount on plugs if you like.  This excludes the Montipora, as they would be larger.

Pm me and I can give you a pack price, I would rather not sell individually so don't want to price individually.

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