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freshwater dip vs copper dip


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If the fish has ich a freshwater dip will help with Gill issues for a short period of time but will in no way cure it. Has the fish been in the display tank. If not start copper right away. Read up on how to do it. If it has been in the display tank you need to remove all the fish in the tank and go fallow. Some fish can live with ich for a while but it does not usually work for long. More details such as type of fish would allow me to be more specific.

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I personally wouldn't risk your fish to a freshwater dip, its a waste of time and completely unnecessary, and in many cases if your fish hasn't passed the freshwater dip will ensure that it does. You really need to look into copamine (copper) set up a medic tank and treat the fish there. Leave the tank fallow for 6 - 8 weeks and move them back. If this is Ich you have some time so be patient and move slowly ensuring their transfer from the DT to the MT is as least stressful as possible.

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I dip all new fish with 65ppm hydrogen peroxide (1ml 3% hydrogen peroxide per 1 pint of tank water) in a bucket for 30min. I only buys fish that have no visible ich/velvet on their bodies, but I have purchased fish in tanks known to have ich.

Give that a try and let us know if ich comes off after dip.

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