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AquaPod 24 w/70W HQI Sunpod and Biocube stand


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Okay Im gonna be getting ready to transfer everything over to my new Oceanic cube so its time to sell the Aquapod. It is a standard 24G Aquapod w/ the 70W MH Current Sunpod fixture. I really didnt like the Current stands so I bought a Oceanic Biocube one, which I really like.


So heres the breakdown of what comes with it.


1. Aquapod 24G, glass top, and return pump

2. Sunpod 70w MH Fixture w/ two 4 month old bulbs

3. 1/2" bulkhead and locline for "extra flow hole :) "

4. 29G Biocube stand

5. I can also include all the stock Biofilter stuff like Bioballs etc.


Cost new was about $500 and that was getting really good deals on stuff


Sell for $350



Everything is in great shape and well taken care of! Looks like it does in my build thread + some coralline. Thanks for looking!


Heres the link to the thread



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Yeah I would sell the light. Its the 20" 70W Sunpod. I would sell it seperately for $150. I will include both bulbs that I have for it. One is the stock Current 14K (2 month burn) and a Catalina 70W (6 month burn) that is in it now.


Heres a link on DR Fosters site



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