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Bristleworm attacking Neon Goby?

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.cdb339133fa8f37ff87cecf7e89883b2.jpg20d9f70c3c1421e59316fe3301ba8719.jpg17de422a2367d8e6d481231361d9c0a9.jpgAnyone have any input?


We have a newly acquired Neon Goby that has been doing well. Purchased it a couple days ago Eating, active, alert until late this morning when I noticed what appeared to be bristles on body.


Quick info...No other fish affected, all water Parameters great.


Spoke with my LFS and he has me pull him, freshwater dip and now is in my hospital tank. He also recommended Cupramine. But is this necessary? I do agree with him that it appears to be Bristleworms attack rather than ick.


We purchased this tank established to realize it was infested with these worms and have been trying to deal with them.


Two questions.....


1. Does the photo look like bristles of a bristleworm?


2. Any treatment suggestions?


Thanks in advance for your response.



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It does not look like bristle works have attacked and I have never really heard of bristle worms attacking. They are opportunistic so if there is something that is ill or dying they certainly may try to get an easy meal.

The fish was likely carrying a disease. This is a typical pattern where they look great in the store and then with the stress of moving the disease will show up more when you get it home. It's great that you took it out as it does not look like ich to me. I'm no expert in diseases but I would be more worried about marine velvet which Is far worse than ich and can wipe out your tank even of healthy fish so it is good that you took him out.



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Definitely a disease like a fungal infection, marine velvet or similar and nothing to do with bristle worms. 

You don't need to worry about the bristle worms.   The smaller ones that you normally find in reef tanks are harmless scavengers. 

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