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Apex wireless adaptor shot - need suggestions


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So last night I saw my adaptor hasn't been online for 24 hours. Netgear wnce model is very popular. I found its power light blinking green and it won't connect.


Os there a way anyone knows of to use a regular wireless router in its place? I have a netgear router I am using to try this with but I'm not having any luck.


Any and all suggestions are welcome.


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There is a way to do it. The router needs to be set up as an "access point" or AP. This allows you to plug the ethernet from the apex into the LAN ports on the back and have it act like your wireless adapter.


You will need to go into the routers settings, which depends on brand and model. There you can configure it to connect to your home network and set the LAN settings for AP. Here is a link that might help:




I hope this helps somewhat.




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According to the article you linked, it appears the AP router must be plugged in to the main router to act as an AP. I would just hard wire mine if I was able to drag a wire that far. I am looking for a wireless solution like I had with the WNCE netgear previously. Thank you much for the heads up though. 

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I'm sorry, I didn't even see that. It was late lol


The concept I was looking for was wireless "bridge mode." That is what you want to bridge the apex wirelessly with your home router. Do you have the model number from your router?


This link is for a newer router, but might get you in the correct direction.




Sorry for the confusion.


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