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Moving forces 48"x36"x30" tank sale


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Well after months of being away I am back. So the final, final report from the boss says..... SELL! So I am more than disapointed to say the least but we just had another baby and are moving into our new house in October with no room for the tank (sad). I have put roughly around 12K into this thing and selling it around $3500. I am located in Bend so that complicates things a little but frequently come back to Portland.


48"x36"x30" 1" acrylic euro-braced tank w/built in overflow

2 Dual Sunlight Supply 400w MH ballasts

Icecap A4 URI VHO ballast (running 4 48" actinics)

Sequence Hammerhead (running the Closed loop)

Blueline 30X (return)

Geo Reactor 618

PCI Regulator

2 5 Gal CO2 Tanks

ASM Skimmer G4

Milwaukee PH Meter SMS 122

Phosban Reactor

2 3/4" Sea-Swirls

3 built in fans (I can't remember the brand)

Custom Sump w/refugium built-in

Power compact for refugium

The list goes on and on.....

I have got many extra pumps RO/DI units, water topoffs, etc.... I can't remember half the stuff.


Travis did everything on this, just like his tank at the shop. This tank is actually what led to Travis building his! Dimpled metal reflector lining the underside, custom cabinetry, etc.. Everything is top notch. Let me know if you have any questions. I will get pictures up as soon as possible.



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