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Last round of Sekura Growout Pics are due


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Hello everyone!!!   :)


I have been toppled with things lately and have been a bit quiet.... my apologies...  



but who cares!!   :)  This is it.... the last round of photos.... months of growing just to win this!!










So with that being said here are the rules for the last round!!



Pics must be in focus (clean).  I will not accept fuzzy grainy pics.  You may not be able to get all the color to pop, but you can certainly get a clean pic with a cell phone.  If Bret can do it...... anyone can!!


2 Pic minimum.  I want to be able to see every zoa on the plug.  Since your final pics are the judgment for winning, they have to account for every head.  If i cannot clearly see the zoa, it doesn't exist.


1 of your pics has to be of the frag open.  I want to see your happy frags open.  This will help determine health.  Get as close... but more importantly.. get as clean of a pic as you can of the open faces of the zoas.  I expect that some of you will be picking up the zoas for clean pics of head count.  This is why i want an open face shot.


Pics must be posted by October 7th 2016 midnight.  I am late by a day so i will extend the deadline.  



Post all pics here:




 Thank you everyone for your participation!!  GL!!   :D




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