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Red hermit crab bothering anemone


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So I have a sebae anemone who I've had a hell of time acclimating to my tank and my wife (who is home all day) has told me that throughout the day she'll see the hermit crab climb on the 'nem and bump into him. She said the 'nem was trying to climb up the rock and ended up falling off because the same crab was in his way.


So... Should I temporarily sump this hermit crab?

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I've never seen a hermit do damage to an anemone, but it wouldn't hurt.


In my pico tank, I have a hermit that crawls into my rose bubble and takes any sort of food. I had to feed the crab before I feed the 'nem, so I brought it home to a larger tank. Now it crawls into my rock flower and I still have to feed the crab before the 'nem.


Just have to be aware of what they are doing. We all got to eat.

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