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Nuvo 20gal

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Well I can't find my original tank thread to update it. Been a while since I've been on here.



Nuvo Fusion 20gal

ATI Sunpower 6bulb (4 blue, 1 coral plus, 1 purple plus)

2 spin streams

MJ1200 pump

InTank media baskets


tunze nano ATO


Matrix, Phosguard, Purigen and Chemipure blue in media baskets. Also growing chaeto in a chamber like a weed.


Tanks been running since November I believe. I have older pics but i'll save everyone from the blandness.


I have a 40gal breeder sitting in my living room with a synergy 16in overflow kit getting drilled this weekend.


2 black clowns

1 yellow tang (I know I got him super small)

1 six line

1 cleaner shrimp

2 emerald crabs


pics of corals, I'm terrible with names.


Enjoy! Will post pics here momentarily.

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Having some issues with pictures being too large.


I love this tank it was great to get me back into it.

Yes it got me back in the hobby too. Picture posting is kind of a pain. It's one thing we definitely want to see if we can have better options.


I have to use ohotobucket first. If you use tapatalk it's a little bit easier.

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