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WTB 40 gallon 3 chambered Sump and ATO

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Hey guys, anyone looking to sell a 40 gallon sump or have a spare ATO that you want to sell? 


Let me know!


Thanks guys and gals!


Petco has the dollar sale going on until the 2nd I think. Get a 40 breeder and add some baffles its really easy to do. Parkrose Hardware will cut the glass for free when purchased. I think mine was under 10 bucks for 3 pieces when I did mine.  

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Wow 1/2 is why it was so much......1/4 would be fine and even 1/8th like parkrose sells would work. I just like it a little thicker.


I used to work in a glass shop 30 years ago and its not hard to gut the stuff. Did A1 bevel the edges or anything?

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Also for glass you can shop around 2nd hand stores and buy old tanks and then break them down. I paid 10 dollars for a 30 gallon and 20 gallon at habitat for humanity. Then cut all the seals cleaned and cut to what I needed for baffles. Class is alot easier to cut than I expected

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