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3 Chillers would like to be fixed..


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Like the title says, i have 2 half horse and a 1 tenth chiller. Has anyone ever had a chiller fixed? Or point me in the right direction. I'm looking for more than the " Check with your local HVAC " 





I will post the model of chillers later.

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The one i have here stored at work is a eco plus.......and thats what i need someone who knows someone who fixes these things. If my home A/C stops being cold, they come out and test things and fix what ever is wrong( usually low on refrigerant ) but i cant bring them a chiller and say....Ok, hook it up to a pump and circulate water through it and tell me whats not doing it's job. 

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Gotcha. If the electronics are working as they should, I would say it has a leak, or needs a fresh charge of refrigerant. I know a local guy out here that can leak test and re-charge about anything. A appliance repair guy should be able to do it as well.

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