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Sekura Growout - Second round

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Unfortunately there are some DQ's because of lack of timely pics.  I know that it sucks to be one of those contestants.  I have still yet to complete a growout because of that myself.  I understand how life can get in the way of remembering to post a pic.  But that is part of the challenge.


My initial response was to extend the deadline.....  But how would that be fair for those whom did take the time to post pics.  The rules were not vague regarding this issue.


"2. You will be required to post photo updates once a month. These pics can be your choice of angle. I recommend more than one pic, but one is all that is required. You will have 5 days before and after the 1st of each month to post your pics. If you cannot post during the required time frame, then please contact Mr. Bret or Softy. This must be done prior to the posting deadline. If you do not contact someone and you do not post up in the required time, you will be disqualified."


I have to stick to my rules with this.  I know it really sucks to be the person that didn't get it done.  You have 10 days to accomplish a photo or to communicate that you cannot get your pic in time.  


I am not trying to be mean... but if i do not stick the rules, then what is the point of having them.  It's part of the growout competition.


So with that being said..... if the members that did get their pics in time decide that they want to extend the deadline to allow for a 24hr period for posting, then i will do so.  I am leaving it up to the people that posted, and doing it via PM.


So everyone that did get your pic posted in time, and are still in this competition, please PM me whether or not you think i should allow for another 24hr posting.  The only reason i am doing this.....  a lot of you are first time growout participants... and it was a holiday weekend and i certainly can see making that same mistake myself.


So i will leave it with that.  Over the next three days i will accept PM's from the active participants of this growout.  I will post my decision on Sunday evening.  If the group decides to allow for those whom missed the deadline, then you will be given 24hrs to get that pic posted.


Sound fair to everyone??

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Sorry for being a bit late on this post!


Thank you those whom took the time to PM me regarding this issue.  Based on my conversations... well and the rules...  The decision stands.  If you did not get your pics posted by the deadline, July 5th Midnight....  then you are disqualified from the contest.  


I know life gets busy, but 10 days should be plenty of time to either post, or send some form of communication.


I will be updating the standings this evening.

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