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40B setup


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I'm selling my 40B now that I got my 90 setup. It needs cleaned but no scratches. Has sand in it but can't say it's live as it's just sitting at the old place (with water). It has a Eshopps AEO11015 Overflow (fully plumbed.), 20g sump, metal halide (can't remember exactly what it is atm). I also have a cheap skimmer with its pump. I can't tell you anything about it I've never used it. I'm hoping to get $250. I'll add photos of the skimmer and link my tank thread in a bit.


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So i got a notification on my phone somebody responded to this but for some crazy reason i cant see it. If you can respond on here ill send you a PM. Also not sure what the size of the stand is but the tank is a normal 40B dimensions 36 x 18 x 17. The stand if im correct maybe sticks out about a inch around it.... Ill have to get my brother to measure the stand tomorrow. Dont want to ask him tonight and wake him up. 

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