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Motion of the ocean. . or. . my tank


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Getting ready to build my 120 and this will be my first tank with coral, full blown, growing, swapping, buying, the works!!! LoL.


I want to make sure I have the flow in a pretty good set up and have read the best is to have your flow change rather then always going in one direction. I have been looking at OceansMotion 4 way. http://oceansmotions.com/version4.html


What are your thoughts? What do you use?


I am wanting to have SPS, LPS< and some softies too, slow build up of course, not all at once, but I'd rather build it right the first time rather then doing it 3 or 4 times. . . which may just end up happening anyways! LoL


Thank you in advance!

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Sweet! Take a good look at your wallet, it's the last time you'll see money in it!lol I use the maxspec gyer 130 in my 150gl tank. Only have the one for now but I plan on getting another one after I get a controller. There's a bigger size, the 150 but I can't turn mine up all the way or it sucks sand off the bottom from 18 inches away. I love the gyer effect and will buy another. Haven't seen the one you're talking about so I'm not much help there. Good luck with your build!


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Are you going to set it up for the closed loop or plug the holes and go powerheads as your main flow?


That pump you got from me will run the closed loop no problem, electricity requirements of external pumps suck though. 

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