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Big boy part out sell


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Well we spent all day getting the Red sea 650 home and its "to big for our house Randall..."

Im going to keep some stuff from the tank and sell some stuff from the setup


Sca 302 skimmer, works awesome 100 bucks


Aquamaxx star s1 calcium reactor with 10 pound bottle FULL-Price drop to 240 bucks for the pair! 838e8552ea9c699c5cc5313a635f23f4.jpg



Ecoplus 1/4 hp chiller 190 bucksfa15848d99307d4fd836c19a6cad3fe7.jpg i keep my house at 72 soooo no need for it


Black Red sea 650 tank, stand, 8 bulb T5 with ATI bulbs, sump, multiple heaters, return pump, and all 4 circulation pumps $1100 dollars Pics after i get it clean.SOLD


SRO XP 3000 with reef octopus neck cleaner, pics after i clean it and decide if im keeping it or not- 400 dollars, skimmer alone is 600, neck cleaner is another 200 1a9cf70f1b43e9518b0fbac7bd1e1eec.jpg


55 gallon glass tank, black trim 40 bucks


29 gallon biocube, top is gutted 40 bucks



Kessil A360we with gooseneck and 90 degree adapter 325 e27727497d7f94260f8e1b27a59277f3.jpg


Kessil a360w with gooseneck and 90 degree adapter 300 bucks i have 2 of these


TLF phosban reactor brand new in box 50 bucks ee54cd3cb63bf4d6fccc3a10ac8fda80.jpg



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skimmer and 2 kessil a360ws are all thats left for the big items Prices are firm im not interested in giving this stuff away and everything is priced very well.

sro xp 3000 with neck cleaner and skimmate collector 375

kessil a 360w with gooseneck and 90 degree adapter 275 each


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