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Are there any other shark/ray/skate/guitarfish keepers here?


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I'm in the process of setting up a tank for some catsharks. I've been looking into vitamin supplements for these fellows, and I've realized that pretty much the only company that produces them is Mazuri. However, Mazuri's "serving sizes" or so to speak are HUGE. 900 grams of 1.5 gram pills that should be used 1.5 grams per pound fed. That's 600 pounds of food! A single adult cat/bamboo shark only really eats 10-35 pounds of food a year (depending on body weight, and several other factors). Non- free swimming sharks/rays are fed around 3-5% of their body mass at each meal, 2-3 times weekly. And from the numbers I showed you before, this does not actually come to a lot of food. Assuming 5 sharks that weigh 4.5 pounds (probably not, catsharks are much smaller) I would be be feeding a maximum 175 pounds of food (in reality I expect somehing more around 50 pounds, as I won't be feeding the maximum possible amount, and the sharks I intend to keep will be 2 foot at adult size, compared to the 4.5 pound shark I mentioned which is a ~3.5 foot shark). And these tablets go bad after 365 days, a year. Essentially this means that unless I am purposefully overdosing the sharks by 3 times in the case that I am way overfeeding, there is no way that I can make the most of a bottle of these vitamin supplements.


Essentially, what I'm getting at is I'm interested in finding out whether there are other elasmobranch keepers here that would be interested in jointly purchasing and sharing this excess of vitamins? I mean, $100 a year isn't too expensive, but I'd rather not waste 2/3s of that.


Other fish keepers could also look at the nutrition content of the pills/supplements and decide whether their tank inhabitants would appreciate the supplements as well. You can check out each supplement here: http://www.mazuri.com/shark.aspx

The only real difference from regular fish supplements lies in the iodine supplement in the pills, as sharks/rays need iodine to survive. Otherwise it just contains vitamins A, B, D3, and other vitamins.

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