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New Group Buy Program, the BRS Most Valuable Clubs!


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Hello Pacific Northwest Marine Aquarium Society! 

My name is RT, and I've got some really exciting news to share with you! Recently PNWMAS has been listed as one of Bulk Reef Supply's Most Valuable Clubs, or "MVC" for short. The MVC program honors awesome reef clubs that are passionate and dedicated to the reef aquarium hobby.

So what does PNWMAS joining the MVC program offer you might ask?

- Easily the most exciting part of the MVC program for you, the hobbyist, is scheduled Quarterly Group Buys. This means that once every 3 months, you have the opportunity to sign up to save with 10x Reward Points (aka 10% back), free upgraded 1-3 day shipping at $149, and select door busters at a deep discount.

Not only do you get to save, but your club does as well. Every order placed during your Group Buy with a total over $100 earns rewards for your club. Check it out!

For every order over $100:

These donated products are to be used at the club's discretion, but things like raffles, giveaways, and frag swap doorbusters are all valid possibilities! 

Your first Group Buy will begin signup later today, so stay tuned!

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This is awesome! I will definitely be buying somethings for my new tank! Thanks RT!


Quick question: if the items we want are sold out can we still purchase them so the club and we get credit ?


And we plan to raffle these items off at future meetings everyone!!

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