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misc corals FS

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PENDING Neon green splatter bubble coral - size of a grapefruit or larger when inflated- $60


PENDING Orange/Red BTA - well healed split golf ball size- $25

this is one of my BTAs that stays on the smaller side- full grown maybe the size of an orange


SOLD poker star encrusting monti -3x3 90% encrusted frag plug- $25


PENDING ORA Red planet  -3" fully encrusted plug- $30


Jadams tri-color acro (from MadMike?) -2" fully encrusted plug- $25

(this is one of the nicest tri-colors I've seen and a fast grower )


Green Hammer 2-3 heads $15 (I have 2 frags)


monti-cap frag packs- $30 each pack- will contain a 2x2 chunk of TECO strawberry fields, TECO purple haze and vivid orange (2-3 packs avail)


prices OBO, discounts if you buy multiple items!

text me for faster response 3609044175


pics to follow shortly

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yep,  I am going to the mtg (I'm off and it's only 10 min from home!)

happy to bring stuff to the meet, but will only hold with payment-

not really looking for any trades right now- I'm pretty full up!

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