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My new 24 nano SPS tank PICS


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I just started with a JBJ 24 gallon nano cube. I ripped out the false wall, drilled the glass and made a little overflow box. I also took off the hood to make way for the clamp on 150 watt HQI Aqualight from Coralife. I didn't want to have the mh in the hood for heat reasons. I used the PCs from the hood for the refugium where I have a couple of baby kuda seahorses. I am using a HOB aqua remora c skimmer with the maxi-jet. For a return I use a mag 7 connected with a SQWD and a mj1200 w/hydor flow for more random circulation. Right now I'm dripping RO and Kalkwasser into a float valve so I can reduce the salinity swings with evap.


Here are the pics.




Whole shot






Front shot






Right side







Left side



Let me know what you think and what else can be done.

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everything has been under a 400w 6500K mh, so everything looks brown. Once everything colors up I'll take some close ups. I've got a hair algae issue right now, but I've reduced my feedings so its stopped its progress for now. I just added a ranfordi and randals goby this Sunday and they are doing great. Thanks Joel.


I'm still putting together my 55 gallon hex w/closed loop and locklines. It will be pretty bitccccccchhhin. I'll keep people updated.

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