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Increasing Nitrates


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I need to increase the nitrates in my 65g setup so my macro algaes can continue to grow. They are the decorative type and not just used for the typical refugium application, what can I say I'm a nutball. I did pruin them way back but am starting to see bleaching at the tips. ( I don't think it's called bleaching with macro's but the tips are turning white.)


I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with nitrate fertilization, I have none. Never had a problem with keeping nitrates "up" before. Just the opposite.


Tank is a 65g with a 25g sump. Holds about 20 corals mostly frags of softies and LPS. Also houses a crocea calm, a bi color blenny, 5 astraea snails, and a pair of peppermint shrimp. No filters or protein skimmers being used. Flow is about 30x an hour. Aprox 150 lbs of LR, 2" sandbed in display, cryptic style sump with LR, although it is really to small to be called a cryptic sump, it just has rock and no light with lower flow.


I currently feed 2 cubes of mysis, a small chunk of brine shrimp, and phyto feast daily.


Have not done a waterchange in over a month.


Any help would be appreciated. With 0 nitrates you might think I was bragging but with the stock I keep it's not a good thing IMO. (nutty)



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