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Advice on upcoming build


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I have a 65g DT 10+ gallon sump and here shortly will have sump rebuilt and a 38g refugium added on to it.


So the advice I'm looking for from you vets is as of now, I just have water circulating from sump back into DT (obviously) and when I get sump rebuilt (22Lx12Dx16T) I was planning on putting in just two chambers separated by bubble traps. First chamber is for the skimmer and second chamber is going to be just live rock rubble. The way it is plumbed now is this:


Pipe on farthest left is gravity fed from durso up top, the one next to it is the emergency overflow, the line coming out the side is the return that goes up the back and splits into two returns in the back of tank as seen here.


The circulation pump is an external little giant rated at 1100 gph toned down a bit to avoid microbubbles in current setup.


The question is, is when I have my sump rebuilt with the bubble traps, the plan I had is to keep this loop between sump and DT and from refugium have the same setup in a sense with the gravity feed and an emergency going to the sump and have an internal pump pumping water from sump to refugium. This way I can dedicate 100% of 38g volume to be strictly the refugium. Might have an area with a baffle for the intake coming from sump so it doesn't disturb the refugium.


Does this seem like it would be a good way to go?

The pump I have is a very large pump and don't want to have to buy another one if not needed but not sure about using it for the refugium and the return to the DT. Should I just split it off and install gate valves to control flow to DT and refugium?


The refugium will be going in a specially designed box to be covered from exposure (as if it were under a tank but...not being under a tank). There will be an area for ATO to be stored inside with shelves on it as well since its in my living room.


I'm looking for any input here as I am spending quite the chunk to do this the absolute right way and really want this to be a very stable system when done.


Thanks in advance and look forward to all replies!!!!


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That what I figured I would do, just didn't know if it would be too much flow for both. Trying to keep the flow down a bit as of now due to microbubbles and lack of bubble traps. Getting the sump rebuilt here very soon and am hoping it will take care of the problem. It doesn't release much but when its all the way open its a little bad. The microbubbles are my main concern that once everything is built, I don't want to have to worry about this problem at all, and the higher the flow the worse chance I have that the bubble traps will do their job if it's pushing them through too fast. That's why I'm wondering if I should just put the skimmer in the refugium or not to take care of the problem, hopefully.


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