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WTS:12 inch 2x18W Current USA PC original and LED retrofit (2 fixtures)


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I have 2 fixtures for sale, great for small reef tanks (I used them for 3 gallon pico tank but could be used for nano or refugium etc):

#1- 12 inch 2x18 Watt Current USA PowerCompact Dual Satellite Fixture. 1 switch for each bulb so each can be put on individual timers. Has LED moonlight also. In great shape, has a bit of rust on some screws that could be easily cleaned/replaced. Great light as is for softies, LPS or refugium light but is also a great housing if you want to do an LED retrofit or need parts for fixture #2 (see next)

#2- Same fixture housing but gutted and used for LED retrofit with the following components

Coralux 5UP LDD driver board (4 used slots and 1 empty for future upgrade if wanted)
CREE XT-E 3UP (2x royal blue, 1x neutral white)
Exotic Hyper Violet LED - 430nm x 2
Meanwell LDD-1000H LED Driver x 3
Meanwell LDD-700H LED Driver x 1
12V 4A DC Power Supply 4 Amp 12 Volt power supply
Brand new Typhon LED controller (you can dim/control each color individually for sunrise/sunset, color balance, brightness, etc)

The retrofitted fixture has some cosmetic issues with a couple of cracks on the side panel and empty screw holes (see photo) but it works great. My plan was to replace the side panels of the LED light but never got around to it. Some of the wiring in the LED light could use repair to make it look pretty but anyone with a soldering iron could get it looking good in no time. I'll also include the gutted components (ballasts, switches, reflectors etc) and unused PC bulbs

I'd like to sell the lights together but would consider selling them separately.
It wont let me post photos for some reason so I guess PM me a phone number and i can text them to you

Thanks much!


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Price drop, $70 for both, $50 for DIY and $30 for PC

I cant believe no one is snatching this up.  Some people contacted me but no one is pulling the trigger!

Brand new Typhon controller and case I paid $80 alone.  Great for any DIY LED project.  Will independently control 4 channels.

Brand new Coralux board with 4 drivers was $40 alone.

Brand new power supply was $15

Only thing used is the LED's and all cosmetic issues on one light enclosure can be fixed by swapping out parts from the other enclosure

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