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75 gallon... 2 years and finally DONE!


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I finished it!  The 75 gallon has been up and running since  September and now had fish and coral being added slowly but progress is definitely being made.



75 gallon glass

coast to coast overflow

BeanAnimal overflow

LocLine returns

Eshopps RS-200 sump (w/cheato, dragon's breath and 2 mangroves)

Danner Mag 9.5 return pump

RemoraC Pro skimmer (back up- online)

MRC-2 Protein skimmer (main- offline... pump failure)

Phosphate reactor (with 'Ultra-Phos .04')

Finnex 200 watt titanium heater (main)

Jager 150 watt glass heater (backup)



2x4 engineered frame

Pine skin w/ ebony stain then sanded (to look like blue pine- which is gray)

barn door style cabinet doors

hood has yet to be finished



1 x 165 watt evergrow full spectrum LED

1 x EcoRay 60D

**light don't match due to operational failure in each of the corresponding light of the sets**




1 x mated pair of oscellaris clownfish

1 x male tomato clown

1 x blue/green chromi

1 x engineer/convict goby

1 x blue eyed anthias

1 x possum wrasse

1 x cleaner shrimp

2 x blue legged hermits

1 x scarlet hermit

1 x long spined urchine



green monti

red/orange monti

mind blowing palys

magician? palys

unknown paly's

eagle eye zoas

candy apple zoas

red mushrooms

blue w/teal striped mushrooms

devils hand leather

green polyp leather

african green tree leather (nepthea)

tricolor bubble tip anemone

kenya tree

green star polyps

multi color acans (didn't get a name)

benjamin favia

duncan coral

purple ?something?

half alive lobo

giganto green and purp fuzzy mushroom

2 ricordias


****and yes, I realize that most of these are soft corals that aren't as attractive to a lot of people- but I happen to like them and my tank is still balancing out so they're the best bet for survival.  I am adding the LPS from my cube slowly but don't want to lose them by just tossing them in a new tank***


It doesn't look like there's much in there because everything is small by comparison to the scale of the rockwork- but it will grow in!  I'd rather have great grown out pieces than a gazillion little pieces (oh, and plus I can't really afford any more coral for the next few years until I finish school, lol)


Working on pics... will post tomorrow- they're coming up SUPER tiny.  I'll post the tiny ones anyways...







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THANKS!  I think I have a before pic... lemme see-


I took off the heavy 1/2" plywood and replaced it with lighter weight pine boards.  I wanted blue pine but it was too expensive so I went to the outlet lumber place here and we found super cheap boards that had a lot of knots and wane (which I love).

The husband got me my own power tools for valentine's day :-) a chop saw (miter saw?) and a reciprical saw.  He helped put all the boards I cut on the frame and i did the doors on my own.  It took another 6 months after the stand was finished before I did the doors, lol.  I still need to add more height and a door to the hood- designing is challenging since I've never done wood work before and have to really think for a while when cutting angles and lengths so I don't screw up.

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Very nice! You have a good start to your zoa collection! Softies are a great way to start! It keeps things much simpler and they do look good! You sontbhavr to worry about dosing calcium and mag and they tolerate parameter swings much better! Beth and I maibtained the pioneer school tank only with once a month water changes and it did great!

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