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WTB/WTT For softball sized pieces of live rock


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I'm starting to realize the small amount of live rock that i have for my new frag system might not be good enough, plus what i planned on adding along the way.  :doh:  


Total system volume is approx. 112g


Filled on 3/8

Transferred fish/coral 3/10


Parameters: as of 3/18 10:00am

SG. 1.025





Running carbon,Purigen and Phosgaurd with a very undersized skimmer for the moment.

I put the Phosgaurd in just last night and was very hesitant. Removing this morning.


Fish bio-load:


s/m Yellow tang

Lawnmower blenny

x2 Springari Damsels

Six line wrasse



Problem is i don't really want rock in the main tank (only one large piece of Tonga branch is going in and its dry) and the configuration of my current sump doesn't allow for much rock.


I only have about 15-20lbs in there right now and adding more as i chisel it down to size from bigger rock that won't fit in the small chambers.


The bigger problem here is i'm essentially robbing Peter to pay Paul by starting to take rock from other running tanks that really need it.


So i'm desperately seeking some softball sized pieces to get into these compartments well before i get any spikes.


Here is the sump (Back & side compartments are 5'' wide)



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