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CBReefers 65


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Here is some picturesAnAZxIv.jpgbDgNlBR.jpg of my 65 gallon tank that has been up for alittle over a year now. 


Here is a list of equipment top to bottom so far. 


Lights - Evergrow IT 2080 full spectrum LED

Flow - WP10 (waiting on my 2 RW'4 to come in the mail)

Skimmer - Vertex 150

Sump - Trigger Systems 30 gallon sump with Refugium

Misc - UV Systems, 2x Reactors with GFO and Carbon

Livestock - 3x Pajama Cardinals, 2x Clowns, 1 Royal gramma, 1 Brittlestar, 2x Emerald Crabs, 1 Fuzzy Chilton

Corals - 50+ head frogspawn, 100+ Head Candy Cane Coral, Mother colony of ORA Oregon Tort, Plate Coral, 14 Head Torch Coral, All sorts of Paly's and Zoas, 2x small colony's of Riccordias, and small frag of Acans that are slowly growing

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I keep things with sweepers away from so that way things won't sting eachother. Thanks for the compliment on the oregon tort, it was a friend of mine's but he had to move so he gave it to me. When i first got it in my tank it looked like it was completely dead, then one day I was looking in my tank and noticed super small dark blue polyps and realized it's still alive and now it's extremely slowly but surely getting darker. It's more purple now but it's getting dark. 

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