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anyone do construction ? or plumbing a new tank?


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I am in a maintenance class and I need to job shadow or help work on anything related to electrical, plumbing or wood working.


I need 20hrs total work. so it can be from a series of projects or just one.


I need to take photos and document the work I helped out on.


I couldnt think of anywhere to go to start so I figured turning to the forums would be a start.


Plus there is tons of construction and plumbing in our hobby!


anyone that has oppurtunities please send me a message !


or text  me



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To bad you don't need it in the field of auto repair, welding, or fabrication. I have some jobs coming up I could use a spare set of hands for...


I could help out with any of those as well.  Keep in mind im inexperienced though. I would be going to learn and help out with some basic tasks until I really learn. are you located near me ? I am in Gresham. 

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