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What's it worth?


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So I've had the idea of starting up a new tank for a while now, only have three major problems, money, time and where to keep everything while transitioning.


I've thought about using stock tanks for live stock and one for rock, but I don't really have the room at my place for them nor do I have the equipment to run two systems.


The other idea I have is to just sell all the live stock, corals, tank and maybe the rock. I would keep all the equipment for the new setup.


The second option would give me all the time I'd need and some money to build/restart.


On that note I'll post some pictures, I'm looking for a fair offer, if you see something you like or have questions either pm me or reply.







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As far as coral I have:

Yellow gorgonia

Purple gorgonia

German blue polyp digi

Pulsing xenia

GSP (a lot)

Pink birds nest

3 different mushrooms

Large devils hand leather

5 different Zoas/polyps

Glove polyp

2 diff Acans


Candy cane



Frog spawn




Orange monti capri

Green birds nest


Unknown sps thick branches brown polyps


I think that's about it.

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For live stock I have:

Pistol shrimp (somewhere)

2 tiger tail cucumbers

2 sand sifting stars

Haitian anemone

Brown goby

2 ocellaris clowns

True percula clowns

Cleaner wrasse

peppermint shrimp

Cleaner shrimp

Scopus tang

Hippos tang


Blue green chromis

Brittle star


Think that's it.

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Ok so I have decided to just stick with my current tank due to car repairs using up tank funds. 


I was wondering if you were willing to sell power heads? Pm me! Would love to come check it out

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I got my new RW's and now my Hydor Koralias are for sale,  2x 1150s, 2x 850s, the Smart Wave controller might be spoken for by a friend will let you know if you want. If anyone cares I have boxes for the 1150s and the Smart Wave. If they don't sell I'll just use them for my mixing barrels. 

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