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Pair of Gold Head Sleeper Gobies

Trenton Henderson

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They are a really neat fish I used to have one-sadly I didn't ask the right questions or do research on their sand sifting habits, unlike my diamond goby that sifts sand on the bottom of the tank the gold headed would take its mouthful of sand and filter it about 8-12 inches off the bottom. This ended up killing a prized donut coral that had a value of around a 1000.00


Stupid me putting that fish in my tank-needless to say it's gone and Im back to the diamond


Hope you don't have any LPS on the sand-assuming you have sand LOL

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Some corals are more tolerant of sand then others. Personally I would be careful with what you put there with that fish. Not to say you can't put anything there, but a mouth full of sand can be pretty hard on a chalice and several other LPS.


IIRC Brads tank is a 400.


All things can expire. How old is it?

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