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Chalice Care and Placement


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I picked up a couple of OME's today. I know they need low light/shaded area, but are we talkin like sun coral low light, or just not up on top of the tank? I have a larger pagoda cup I was thinking of trying them under, but it would be very little light.


Any advice is appreciated. 


Tanks in Advance. 

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Bottom of the tank low...not not necessarily shaded...they are still photosynthetic.


I think different chalices just prefer less light...some could do ok completely shaded, but some will just lose all color.


IME OME likes light...bottom of the tank light.

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Mine are all sandbed out of direct light (but still have light on them). A lot has to do with where it comes from (light acclimation wise) and the chalice type. I had some super low light ones die right next to perfectly fine ones. I think you'll find with that one that too much light will yield lighter green and lower will get darker. I'd suggest somewhere easy to scoot into shade if it's not happy.

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Thanks for the help guys. I moved them forward a bit out of the shadow of the pagoda.


Cool little corals. I spot fed them last night and was amazed out how much they open up. Very cool.


I'll let yall know how it goes. I m afraid a chalice addication might be growing. I've just had the one for so many years, now I have 3... already found a 4th I want. :D

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just keep in mind their feeder tentacles can reach 5-8'' on some of them.


Not a pretty sight to wake up to chalices eating chalices : (

Indeed, nothing worse than seeing a chalice get eaten by another chalic or fungia!!  Had that happen last week, fungia was munching away on a chalic in my frag tank.  feeder came up over the container it was in and over 6 inches to a chalice.  You see something new everyday!

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I've been observing my chalices during lights out, kinda ll through the night (I'm not sleeping much right now), and they never seem to have sweepers out more then an inch. They do accept food pretty well, although not full size mysis like some have reported. They will capture the mysis, but never actually ingest it. I wonder if as they grow larger they will be able to.


They are a pretty fun colorful little coral. Between those and the new enchinata I got from Unique Corals I don't think I'll be missing a night time feeding any time soon. I already got a new head on the chalice. :D

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