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Aqua scape help!


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Right now is the time to play with it...once you get coral, you should leave it as long as possible...


Three main things with aquascaping: provide ample hiding places for fish/inverts, provide ample space for corals to grow, and most importantly, allow room for water to flow completely around the rock to eliminate as many dead spots as possible.


Rock doesn't necessarily need to reach very high in the tank...if your lights are very bright, you will be ok staying low...


Look online at what others have done to get some ideas, and don't be afraid to drill rock and use acrylic rods to create unique shapes. And structures. Others use Portland cement, or even pond foam to get unique structures. Most beginners overlook the importance of this step...and then they realize they need to re-aquascape down the road when the tank Is full of coral.


Things to avoid: rock walls, dead spots, loose structures.


It looks as though you have a pretty tall tank with limited width...makes aquascaping tricky. Choose your rock wisely:)

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