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Need Aquarium Move, Service, and Custom Sump


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I'm about to move into a new house and really need some help finding a solid Aquarium Expert to help with the move and building of a new custom sump solution in the house. Some of the needs are:

* Moving and Transport of my 210 Gallon Glass Reef and all the critters

* Building of new cabinet structure at the new house that matches existing kitchen cabinetry (I have the cabinet maker info)

* Planning and building of new sump structure 

  -- I want to tie into the drain system through the house's plumbing

  -- I want to have the sump system in the garage to cut out noise

  -- I want to install an RODI cistern in the garage and tie into sump for Auto-Top Off

  -- Ideally, I want to have a second cistern in the garage that holds mixed saltwater to make water changes a breeze


I've talked to a couple of folks, but they've all gone MIA now that it's time to actually start making this happen. 



-BJ Hatcher


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