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240 gallon setup for sale


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Hi Guys,


I just found out that I have 3 to 6 weeks to get myself moved to Kodiak, Alaska. This is forcing me to sell my 240 setup.


Tank is NoobtoSalt's old 240 with all the equipment except a sump. Tank is 8x2x2 with a custom coast-to-coast overflow that is 6 feet long done by Wannareef. Tank has had the internal overflows removed. Could use a buffing but otherwise good shape.


Protein skimmer (unknown brand) dual pump, dirty but worked when I last had it up

Pump (again unknown brand) that runs the whole thing and all accessories through a manifold if you want to use it that way, and works well.

Lighting is 4x400w MH with digital ballasts.

Stand included for tank but no canopy

Some salt and any other additives/other items to go with it.

Heater is an 800w titanium.


Looking to get $800 for it all to use as a security deposit on my new apartment in Kodiak. Please PM me and I will call back or reach me directly at 541-767-9175 and ask for Don. I will try and post pictures soon for those interested.



Second setup is a 55 gallon reef


Tank is a standard AGA that is 4 feet long

Includes two hang on back filters

2x48 inch 2 bulb T5 lighting system

This tank has a custom walnut stand and canopy that is furniture grade. It has marine grade finishes and stainless hinges. Beautiful dark wood with raised panel/inset doors and the interior is lined in melamine so its waterproof. The stand was custom built and cost $700 all by itself.

UV sterilizer (small in tank with pump)

2 standard heaters

2 power heads

Some live rock and sand included

No fish or livestock as the kids decided to feed the fish a soda and killed off everything about a year ago and I never redid it. Included as well is all the support equipment (timers, gravel vac, surge protector, etc)


Asking $400 for this setup as the stand alone is worth way more than that. Again I will get pics for those interested.



I am looking to move these out quickly and it is all broken down ready to go. Prices are negotiable but I think the prices are fair or below that already.




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