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Thanks Kevin-AKA Pledosophy -Mr. President :)


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Kevin thanks for the update on the plan that has being put into action. It was good information and welcome news.


Stuff happens, we learn from it, and we get better as a result-That I am sure we will do.


Also thanks for shutting the other thread down, it was 2nd on my list this morning ( which is coming sooner than I wanted :( ) of things to do.


Lastly, would you be able to toss out an update maybe in the form of a new post of timeline once you get some information back? I saw the 3-5 days lead time, which sounds like 3-5 before they can start on the project, so any information you're given as far as down time, idea of completion etc. I understand working with outside sources you can only share what you are given and there can be bumps in the road, but some little thread/bone to throw out would be appreciated.


Anyway thanks again for the work/info

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