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90 gallon acrylic corner saltwater aquarium - $1250 OBO

Hewey McLovit

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It has been a long time since I have been on, never realized how hard it is to raise a toddler, run a business (60 hours a week) and take care of a tank. Well the time has come to move, 1.5 years b/f we planned on it. We will be moving in less then a month and need to sell ASAP. Have a ton of extras that will be included but too long to list, just need the tank gone. Coral are worth $200 mainly LPS. 1 coral beauty and 1 watchman Gobie "wan kenobi", Taking corals to shop on Sunday if no interest.


OK Jay helped me clean out my livestock and Rock, so now i am going to be parting it all out.


Please Text me at 503 816 2184 if interested or have questions. Time is very limited for me right now, have a house inspection on Monday and have two days worth of work to do.

LED reef lights (Reef LED, 55 LED DIY Pheonix Kit w 18″ Heatsink) 5 years left on LEDS $300.00

Blue Line External Return pump 250 gallon $75.00

EcoTech Marine Vortech MP40W ES Propeller Pump $200.00

Neptune Systems APEX Aqua Controller with Lab Grade pH Probe $250.00 (included wireless router for computer) with VDM controller $300.00

Reef Octopus Skimmer $100.00

Bubble Magus BM-T01 Dosing Pump with stand $150 with canisters slim 1 gallon

Nuclear Grade COLOR CHANGING DI Resin 1.5gallon not open** $25

BRS 1 gallon additives: 1 Mag, Ca, 1 mag sul. 2 soda ash and 2 Calcium all for $50 sold

Dual Deionization Canisters w/ TDS meter** $40

BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor with pump -- Deluxe ** $30

Catalina T5 lights**$50 (bulb have some life in them) 36", 4 x 36 watt

Metal Halide single pole with newer Vertex ballast 250 watt** $100 (Needs new bulb)

2 LED R2 moon lighting $35

Jagar heater 250 watt $20 (good to have a spare)


extra 55 gallon corner (acrylic)** May be willing to donate to TFT, never been used, but has possible none useable damage.

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