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AI Sol Nano Turn off


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I have had an AI Nano on my tank for a few years now set up on Timers with the controller, I have always had them run till 8:00pm go 60 min ramping with Lunar Cycle on. Problem is I hae always had a slight algae problem that comes and goes and I notice that the lights seem to be on even at 11pm or 12 at night and I think I'm finally frustrated enough I want them to just shut off at say 9pm but problem i I have no idea on how to do this. If I set a timer and leave everything blank it continues to just read as empty, If i start at 8, set ramping for 1 min lunar cycle off it just stays that way, the only thing I found I can really do is set up a timer at the desired time and set one of the lights at 1% and thats about the closest i can get. Am I missing something or did AI just figure if someone wanted timers they would never want their light to go off?

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Wouldn't a regular wall timer kill the power to it at the desired time?


Yes that is definitely an option of course, I was just hoping for as expensive as the light was it would include an option to turn it off, but seeing how after having it for only 2 years the controller LCD just started messing up and there is an entire line of pixels missing and I came home to having it do nothing more than repeatedly blink and had to trace the problem to the touch panel that I never used causing the issue and having to stick a piece of anti-static film between the connectors to get it working again, I guess I’m not to surprised. Definitely not a quality product wouldn’t purchase from AI again but, it looks like your option is probably my only route I appreciate the input J


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