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And boom goes the dynamite!

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Rolling around with badxgillen last night and had some kid pull out in front of me. He tried to cross an intersection while we were driving down the street. We had no stop so we were just cruising along. He crossed the street behind an oncoming car so we never saw him until we hit. He ended up spinning around and facing the exact opposite direction. Me and Robert? We're good! :)


The most annoying part was that my horn was stuck on until the fire fighters arrived and could pry my hood open and unhook the battery terminal. Everyone was ok and the kid had insurance so it isn't the worst thing in the world. Feeling blessed for the protection.











The lil Subaru looks like it's permanently out of commission.


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Thoes airbags hurt.. iv been nailed by a couple of thoes before lol


Yeah, we didn't collide with them too bad. The resistance was predominately the seat belts as we weren't going that fast. We both had some burning from the bags though. I hadn't experienced that before, but it was only a little bit on my wrist. It was crazy how smoke filled the car got from those bags.

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